Wireless and Mobile

Wireless & Mobile

Are you Mobile?

M&M Merchant Card Services makes wireless transaction

Processing available at swiped rates through common

Smart phones, cell phones and PDAs.

The M&M Mobile Credit Card, Check and Gift Card /

Loyalty Transaction Processing Application can prompt

For invoice number, gratuity, other charges, process the

Transaction in real-time, and show the transaction
Authorization number right on the phone display


Merchant Benefits

• Fraud Prevention: Real-time credit card, check and gift

Card/loyalty processing, get approval or decline

response at time of sale.

• Lower Cost: Lower investment than dedicated wireless

Transaction processing units.

• Swiped Rates: Reduced rate with Card swipe

Transactions from credit card processors.

• Real-Time Processing: No chasing after customers for

Declined transactions.

• Ease Of Use: Less time consuming than phone-in

(Voice) processing.

• Reporting: Online tracking and transaction reports.

• Lower Overhead: No personnel needed in the back

Room to do manual entry authorizations.

• Multi-Function Device: Phone, email, texting and

Credit card/check terminal.

The entire process is simple and convenient to use.

M&M Merchant offers reliable and secure credit

card, check and gift card/loyalty transaction processing

services and professional support every step of the way.”