Prepaid Cellular

Prepaid Cellular

Prepaid cellular is a product of necessity and a choice for millions. Customers with bad or no credit, a limited budget, or limited need for a cell phone have created a massive demand for prepaid cellular. It works like this: a customer walks into a store with a M&M terminal and pays for minutes. A PIN number is printed out and entered into the prepaid cell phone, adding air time. The process is easy, fast, and profitable. Prepaid cellular is the fastest growing segment of the cellular market; billions of dollars in prepaid are bought every year. There’s no reason not to get a piece of this giant market.

M&M carries every national brand: when customers come in looking for cellular, you’ll have a product that’s right for them.
We provide all the marketing at no cost!
M&M is the exclusive provider of Mexico’s Telcel in the US. Get exclusive access to 26 million phones!
Get all the benefits of prepaid: no inventory, no theft, and no up-front payments, never run out of product.
Carry the entire M&M Prepaid product suite at no charge: prepaid cellular, phone cards, debit, Sirius satellite radio and more…
Retailers make great margins and make repeatable, predictable profits.

Phone Card Retailers

“”Live”” phone cards are profitable, as any phone card merchant knows. However, they require inventory, up-front payments, and they carry theft concerns. Terminal Activated Phone Cards are the new way of selling this classic product. “”Empty”” cards are provided to the merchant free of charge. After customer pays for the card, the card is swiped through the M&M terminal and activated. The advantages are many.

No Theft/No Inventory: Cards are worthless until paid for.
Never Run Out Of Product: Cards are sent automatically to replenish stock as needed.
No Money Down: Pay for what you sell after you sell it! There is zero risk and zero initial investment.
More Than Phone Cards: The M&M prepaid suite includes all major prepaid cellular brands, Telcel Amigo (reload cell phones in Mexico), and Sirius satellite radio, among other things.

For Retailers New To Prepaid

Discover the profits that “”live”” phone card retailers have known for years, but without the risk! M&M Prepaid is an additional product suite for your store with no investment, no monthly fees, and no worries. Additional income with no hassle? What could be better?

It’s Easy: M&M Prepaid runs on your credit card terminal, FREE!
Attract New Customers: Our product suite brings in customers and foot traffic you wouldn’t see otherwise.
It’s Lucrative: Prepaid products can generate thousands of dollars in revenue per week, depending on store location. 

Gift & Loyalty Program

Gift cards secure repeat business.

Reward cards ensure customer loyalty and retention.

Incentive programs bring in new customers.

Prepaid products and services add income streams.