Prepaid Cards

Visa® Prepaid Incentive Card Information (Re-loadable Cards) 

Program Overview:

Now you can offer your employees or group members your PERSONALIZED BRANDED VISA OR MASTER CARD!

Our product portfolio includes Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover Network® prepaid cards for promotions, rewards, incentive payments, rebates, prescription savings, corporate expenses and payroll cards. Each offers fast implementation and turnkey management. Cards can also be customized with company logos. Please contact us today to begin building a customized solution that addresses your needs.

Prepaid Debit Card Specifications:

Due to government and bank regulations M&M is required to collect Cardholder name, DOB, SSN and address for reloadable card programs. CALL FOR PRICING!


Network branded payroll card
Optional money transfer debit card
Online currency conversion services
24/7 bilingual customer service

Perfect For

Any organization with seasonal, high-turnover, short-term, and/or unbanked employees

Corporate Prepaid Cards

Access everything about your company’s program and cards, plus keep track of the balance in your main account for holding funds.
Click individual names to see all transaction detail.
Add/remove funds to cards, or suspend card use temporarily.

Features that allow you to maintain direct control over funds:

Funds are segregated between a corporate holding account and cardholder accounts.
Real-time electronic card funding.
Set zero balances or block cards.
Place daily spending limits on cards.
Restrict card usage by merchant category.
Reporting package details spending by cardholder or in aggregate.
Set funding rules per card.
Pie charts to illustrate corporate spending.


Low cost to issue cards versus checks
Streamline processing for direct deposits
Plastic prestige for cardholder
Easy and inexpensive access to manage funds

General Purpose Reloadable

Reloadable network branded prepaid card
Real-time funding tools
Secure packaging options
24/7 live and web-based account management tools

Perfect For

Money service businesses
Brand loyalty and rewards programs
Underbanked or unbanked consumers

Promotion, Rewards & Incentive

Network branded prepaid card
Disposable or reloadable options
ATM access options
24/7 live and web-based account management tools

Perfect For

Market research firms
Promotion houses
Insurance companies
City governments


Motivate employees and reward customers
Distribute incentive payments with ease
Increase sales with attractive rebates and promotions
Ship direct to cardholder or bulk to one location


Inventory management for multiple locations
Real-time funding via optional web based terminal
Load funds via direct deposit or participating retailers
Easy and inexpensive access to manage funds