High Risk

M&M Merchant Card Services Inc. (M&M) specializes in providing Credit Card & Check Merchant Accounts to & for industries and merchants who are characterized as High Risk.

M&M reduces rates and provides processing solutions that save businesses thousands of dollars in processing costs each month.

riskWe can offer lower rates because we have numerous processor/provider relationships, giving us more options to choose from. But even more importantly for High Risk businesses, who automatically have much greater exposure to Fraud and Chargebacks.

We serve the following business areas:

    • Ecig Merchant Accounts


    • Gaming


    • Diet Programs


    • MLM and Bizops


    • Sports Betting Advice


    • Bad Credit


    • Nutraceutical


    • Electronics


    • Moving & Transportation


    • TMF Merchants


    • Credit Repair


    • Airlines and Jet Charters


    • Educational Seminars


    • Online Firearm Sales


    • Ticket Brokers


    • Debt Consolidation


    • Bail Bonds


    • Furniture


    • Prepaid Calling Cards


    • Travel and Timeshares


    • Adult Merchant Accounts


    • Collection Agency


    • High Ticket


    • Penny Auctions


    • VOIP and Telecom


    • Tech Support


    • Cigars and Pipes


    • High Volume


    • Software and E-Books


    • Water Purifiers