Cash Advance

M&M Merchant is dedicated to making capital accessible to businesses through a simple application, high approval rates, and funding within a week.

How can funding help you?

Flexibility is a keystone for any good business. Having the ability to react to changes, needs, and opportunities is vital to raising your bottom line and maximizing your potential. Tweaking the revenue cycle can only do so much on short notice. Access to liquid assets can be a game changer for any business.

If you or your business is in need of fast working capital and needs a cash advance look no further than M&M Merchant and its extensive network of lenders and diverse programs. We can offer you programs regardless of bad credit, or your type of business.

Common Uses:

    • Increasing Inventory


    • Expansion


    • Equipment Purchases


    • Payroll


    • Marketing Campaign


    • Paying Off Higher-Cost Debt

All You Need To Get Funded:

    • Complete Our Simple Application


    • 4 months of current bank statements


    • 4 months of processing statements (if you have processing)


    • Copy of your driver’s license


    • Copy of a voided check or bank letter


    • Copy of your lease and landlord contact information

Remember, whether you have bad credit or even a bankruptcy or unresolved tax lien, M&M can work with you to get the merchant cash advance you need to get your business on track again. No matter the credit situation, or the risk, if you meet these basic qualifications our expert team will work with you.